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The God’s Game Book, written by the body of the Church of Christ Homeward Bound Pilgrims, and their evangelist, Michael R. Peck, led by the grace of God, helps all readers of the book and the players of the board game, that includes you, to have a lot of fun while you ‘count the cost’ regarding your salvation. As if that is not enough those that want to play the game are challenged! You can take the time to read the nearly 60 page eBook aloud or play the game independently from the book portion, You'll love to spend some quality family or fellowshipping time to print out the needed pages, pawns and game board, color, cut and tape them together. Once that is done… you are ready to play the game with a mix of 2 to 6 people. All players will experience a time of fellowship fun, sharing testimonies, singing, reading and reciting scripture, honing public speaking skills that will help in the future with by making sharing their testimonies easier. All the while you will all be drawing closer to Christ in a way that could make a huge difference, as you experience the joy of the Lord, as expressed in the hearts and souls of each one in attendance.

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